Le Fournil de Pierre launches a new range of breads

20 February 2015

The bread uses premium quality flour made from environmentally friendly wheat.


Le Fournil de Pierre’s biggest desire is to help develop local agriculture by respecting local farmers and locally grown produce.

Le Fournil de Pierre is committed to reducing biological and chemical residues in its flour to a minimum. To do this, the flour is prepared using strictly controlled wheat grown using environment-friendly farming. Our bakers are extremely proud to be able to unravel all the flavours and richness of this simple yet generous flour in the form of tasty gourmet breads.


Its advantages

The country-grown wheat (Blé de nos campagnes®) used to make the flour is a healthy, high-quality wheat grown using obo-savoirfaire-141205-2025 eco-friendly controlled farming practices (CRC® = Culture Raisonnée Contrôlée):

New products!