Gourming, the world’s first gourmet community

«Share French culinary excellence, know-how and the best of local cooking with catering professionals and the gourmet community around the world.»

Key figures


Gourming exports ‘French know-how’.

By spotting, selecting and facilitating talent, Gourming makes French cuisine accessible to all catering professionals all over the world, thanks to a unique offer: outstanding local products, culinary know-how, proven logistics and a holistic regulatory approach.

Thanks to Gourming, the ‘nuggets’ of small French producers are exported, showcased and presented all over the world!

A unique and innovative marketplace

Gourming offers catering professionals all over the world the opportunity to obtain premium local French foodstuffs, sourced directly from selected producers.

The brand in pictures

Gourming, a unique tool for catering professionals!

1. Choice: an unprecedented range of products for export.

2. Uniqueness: the opportunity to obtain products that are not available on the market in the country concerned.

3. Quality: outstanding products, carefully selected by renowned experts (MOFs, top chefs, restaurant guides, etc.).

4. Simplicity: importing high-quality gourmet products has never been so easy – Gourming takes care of everything.

5. Community: Gourming initiates a relationship between talented producers and gastronomy professionals all over the world to create the world’s first gourmet community.

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