Creating recipes

Under the supervision of an MOF

It is under the supervision of the chef Jean-Jacques Massé (MOF in Cuisine in 1997) that the LE DUFF Group Research and Development Laboratory creates, develops and continuously improves the recipes for dishes offered by the Group’s brands.

High standards, precision, know-how and spreading expertise are the fundamental values of elite MOFs

In the same spirit, Jean-Jacques Massé makes his expertise available to as many people as possible as part of his commitment to offering everyday dishes that are healthier, and lower in sugar, salt and fat, but always full of flavour.

He takes into account new eating habits by offering vegetarian dishes with high nutritional value. He places cooking and homemade dishes at the heart of the experience by visibly restoring the chef to his rightful place in the establishments. Sourcing ingredients, seasonal availability, texture, presentation, seasoning and finishing touches – each step is examined with a fine-tooth comb.

Once the recipes have been finalised, the technical instructions and working methodology must be created and distributed to staff. Months of work are required before each dish or recipe is finally offered to the public.

An MOF never does things by halves

He does them well, whatever his task, and in accordance with the values he exemplifies throughout his career. When the LE DUFF Group employs the skills of an MOF, the role goes above and beyond that of a mere spokesperson or ambassador.

It means really getting involved, making taste and pleasure a reality for consumers, confident in the knowledge that their food has been prepared with the care and know-how of highly skilled professionals.

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