Best Recipes from the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France

MOFs from all sectors of the catering industry have been brought together for the first time in a single book.

These acclaimed professionals are the elite of the French gastronomic scene. They have had to demonstrate not only talent, but also perseverance and exceptional work in order to win this prestigious title.
Over sixty of them appear in this book: chefs, butchers, pork butchers, fishmongers, cheese makers, ice cream makers, pastry chefs, confectionery-makers, chocolatiers, sommeliers and maîtres d’hôtel. They represent the best of French cuisine and way of life.
They include: Eric Frechon, Olivier Nasti, Michel Roth, Marie Quatrehomme, Arnaud Larher, Jean-Paul Hevin, Patrick Roger, etc.
In this book, illustrated with lots of pictures, they share their best sweet and savoury recipes with readers, including the best wines to accompany them. The book is the perfect launchpad not only for cooking up dishes created by leading experts but also to explore the history of these exceptional men and women.
With an introduction by the great Joël Robuchon, this book was declared ‘Best French Cookbook 2009’ by the judging panel of the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards’.
All the text and recipes in the book is written in French and English.

The project initiator Louis LE DUFF, founder and CEO of the LE DUFF Group, is an ardent defender and promoter of the values of excellence and effort that allow MOFs to achieve such a prestigious award. Publishing this book in collaboration with the SnMOF demonstrates our commitment to the quality of the products and recipes of every LE DUFF Group brand and our desire to represent the best of French culinary tradition, both in France and worldwide.

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