Fournil de Pierre

The Best of bakery and fast food

Fournil de Pierre offers a range of special bread, white breads, pastries, classic pastries, salads and sandwiches prepared according to traditional recipes to customers every day.

Using rigorously selected  flour and French savoir-faire, the baked goods and pastries franchise Fournil de Pierre wins over customers who know good bread when they see it (as taste it!).

Our story

Founded in 1980, Fournil de Pierre joined LE DUFF Group 9 years later. For over 25 years, our restaurants have drawn their dynamism from this international group.

Today, Fournil de Pierre has twenty restaurants world-wide. Five new restaurants open every year, for a total of over 1 million baguettes sold every year.

Fournil de Pierre restaurants

Since 2011, our bakers have been preparing dough and baking breads on site every year. These breads are made using Eco-friendly French flour.

Fournil de Pierre is a restaurant-bakery that harmoniously combines tradition and trend while showcasing its baked goods and baking savoir-faire.