Del Arte

Italian restaurants in France

Del Arte is the leading Italian restaurant chain thanks to a popular, modern and affordable concept.

Our pizza, pasta and classic dishes are largely inspired by Italian cuisine and are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the taste buds. Inspired by the elegance and modernity of Milan, our restaurants' architecture invites customers on a journey to Italy.

Our story

We have putting our savoir-faire to work for LE DUFF Group since 1995. Today, Del Arte has 3,500 employees in 154 restaurants, including 90% franchises.

Our dishes, inspired by the spontaneity and generosity of the Italian people, have already been served to 12 million customers. Del Arte has €215 million in turnover and opens 10 to 15 new restaurants every year.

Del Arte restaurants

Del Arte restaurants combine local tastes with Italian flavours: our dishes are strongly influenced by Italian cuisine and meet our customers' expectations.

Our ambition: Live up to the expected standard of a theme restaurant while adding a personal touch to each of our dishes. We also wish to introduce as many customers as possible to the variety and richness of Italian cuisine at reasonable prices.