Brioche Dorée

French-style fast food

Brioche Dorée is the world's leading French-style fast food chain. Present in many major cities, the restaurant chain offers fast service and fresh food products all day long, from morning till evening.

Brioche Dorée serves both sweet pastries and savoury sandwiches, always offering high-quality products and constantly innovating to anticipate customers' needs.

Our story

In 1976, Louis LE DUFF was a teacher when he opened his first Brioche Dorée in Brest. Nearly 40 years later, our chain has over 500 restaurants worldwide and serves 300,000 customers daily.

Brioche Dorée is the leading French fast food chain with €350 million in turnover and 7,500 employees in France and abroad.

Brioche Dorée restaurants

Brioche Dorée is proud of its French culinary values: freshness, conviviality and simplicity. These values have driven our success and our new 'just like home" architectural concept.

Just like home characterises places that are warm and friendly where we feel welcome. Our Brioche Dorée restaurants have a kitchen, living room and dining room. Finally, just like at home, our Brioche Dorée restaurants showcase good food and flavours, creating original gourmet recipes prepared daily for our customers.