Our training programmes allow employees to acquire the skills necessary to achieve company objectives.

Product quality
Service quality
Managing staff
Managing a product center

Daily work satisfaction and growth

Our training staff will guide you throughout your career with LE DUFF Group.
Training responds to the needs of employees and franchises to acquire and perfect know-how and skills that are essential to carry out their mission statement: offer our customers enjoyment and relaxation.

60% of our managerial staff are promoted internally

Our mission is to provide you with a springboard for your career

A dynamic team that is responsive and ready to listen to your needs and expectations will guide you as you seamlessly acquire our savoir-faire. We are inventing tomorrow's tools and training programmes.

We are committed to:

Personalised training sessions to fit your career path

We guide...

staff from the branch network and the franchises to achieve employee and managerial positions. Our training programmes are personalised, vocational, work-study, in several languages, etc.

You benefit...

from an operational integration programme in a training restaurant or the restaurant where you will be assigned, when you join one of the companies in LE DUFF Group. You will be accompanied by a dedicated tutor and a specific programme depending on the position.

We offer...

training modules à la carte, to ensure your development in the company. Every training session will allow you to acquire specific skills necessary for the position and to prepare your career path.

Work study programmes

We work with schools to set up work-study programmes and training contracts to obtain a diploma or certification: BTS (Advanced Technician's Certificate) or Licence professionnelle (Professional Bachelor's Degree) in Managing Business Units or other fields such as management, marketing, computers and human resources.

Work appreciation and satisfaction is shared day after day by experienced staff at LE DUFF Group to motivated young trainees who have the possibility of obtaining professional diplomas in their future fields of work while doing their work-study.


Certificat de Qualification Professionnelle (CQP - Professional Qualification Certificate)

The LE DUFF Group training centre is accredited to confer the CQP for Fast Food Operations Manager.

Contrary to standard diplomas, the Certificat de Qualification Professionnelle (CQP - Professional Qualification Certificate) is created and conferred by professional sectors and favours professional knowledge and skills directly related to a profession.

LE DUFF Group confers the following CQPs: restaurant server, commis and operations assistant.

Key figures

1,428 interns received 16,300 classroom training hours
119 students in the work-study programme (BTS / MASTER 2)
Over 600 managers trained
340 individual integration programmes for restaurants
80% CQP success rate