Ferme des Loges

From farm to table, high-quality cuisine for sustainable well-being.

Good, organic and practical

Recettes Ferme des Loges offers premium quality products:

  • Good, organic and practical
  • From starter to dessert
  • Frozen or fresh
  • Raw, half-ready or ready

Our story

The products are handled in ways that respect culinary traditions by our R&D staff comprising top chefs at the R&D laboratory located directly on the Ferme des Loges farm (80 Ha).
Products are tested and approved in real life in the kitchens of the school restaurant. These tests are used to approve recipes based on quality, functionality and viability (price and margin in absolute values).

The use of organic ingredients stems from a desire for traceability on the part of guests who wish for specifically labelled restaurant menus.
Most products are essentially organic and/or have French labels certifying origins and quality (e.g. regional labels). Most are seasonal and locally produced.

Ferme des Loges savoir-faire and recipes

Ferme des Loges recipes are simple and quick to prepare. Our products are frozen or fresh depending on which has the best results.

We use high-quality deep freezing techniques, which ensure optimal, natural conservation and preserve taste.

  • Minimises waste and maximises management of raw materials
  • Saves times before and after service / quick and easy
  • Optimises tasks (workforce)