Cité gourmande

Authentic, natural cuisine that uses local products, especially potatoes.

Cité Gourmande takes an artisanal approach to products while relying on industrial know-how for processes to provide authentic, gastronomic cuisine.

In order to guarantee quality, we work with premium quality frozen products whose origins are controlled and certified: AB (organically farmed), Label Rouge, AOP (protected designation of origin), IGP (protected geographical indication) etc.

Our story

Cité Gourmande is located in Agen, in the heart of the South-West region of France. Our recipes showcase potatoes, combining long-standing French tradition and local flavours.

It all started in 1999 when we revisited and reinvented a 200-year-old recipe: Salardaise potatoes.

Since 2009, we have extended our offerings to include sweet dishes. A complete range of desserts with tasty fruits and the classic chocolate fondant have that generous and delicious home-made feel.

Innovative, natural, local products

Every year we offer more than 100 new recipes.

Thanks to our know-how of our main primary ingredient, potatoes, and to advances in innovative industrial technology, Cité Gourmande has developed a range of original sweet and savoury products that are rich in flavour.

Cité Gourmande works with textures, forms and colours to please the eyes as well as the palate.