10 February 2015

Bridor launches its new croissant sourire

Nine out of 10* French people like their croissants curved!

Bridor is proud to carry on the French tradition by giving the croissant its original legendary shape! To top it off, this 70g croissant uses 100% pure butter! The new Croissant Sourire is a part of the Éclat du Terroir product range inspired by the French pastry-making tradition, to the culinary delight of our customers. The Croissant Sourire from Éclat du Terroir is a curved croissant with a soft, tender centre and crisp, flaky ends, promising an authentic culinary experience.


Just take a bite and discover the delicious notes of butter and sugar, with just a hint of caramel at the end, making this Éclat du Terroir croissant truly like no other!

*Food Service Vision – Usages & Attitudes studies of 1000 pastry consumers